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The X Factor-Y was born in the mid-90s from an idea by Cesare Ferioli and Andy Carrieri, members of the famous '80s Rock'n'Roll band “The Jack Daniel's Lovers” and by DJ and founder Sandro Castellari, aswell as other fans, of the Italian Rockabilly Movement. The name was inspired by "X-Raymen", the name of Carrieri and Ferioli's first band, and by the ​​"Factory" of Andy Warhol, conceived as a cradle of art. The aim of this collaboration was to promote 50's culture through concerts and parties. The founders, who shared similar experiences but different musical backgrounds, managed to introduce this culture to a fertile and receptive environment, which at the time  was Bologna. The project immediately became active through the organization of the first rockabilly festival called "Rockabilly Rave", as part of the wider summer musical festival "Scandellara Rock" and through the organization, in the same year,  of the gig of the famous German band "Hot Boogie Chillun". The following year, the project also produced a 45’’ for a famous local band called "The Hollywood Playboys".
In the late 90's, a great new member who immediately brought further new energy to the project joined the X Factor-Y, Leonardo Busi, the barber who’d shaped the heads of the Bolognese Rockers, a man passionate about Rock'n 'Roll and Harley Davidsons. Later on, Cesare Ferioli left the project (as did Andy Warhol earlier on), allowing Leo and Sandro to continue to run the organization by themselves and promote events about Rock'n'Roll culture. Thanks to Sandro’s wide knowledge of bands and promoters and Leo’s excellent organizational skills, the project was able to carry on more than efficiently. The latter, dazzled by the experience of the exceedingly famous gathering of Daytona, in which he had participated in1992, decided to take inspiration from this event for the future XFactor-Y parties. During the summer of 2000, Minerbio (BO) bore the first ROCK'N'ROLL & ROCKABILLY PARTY, with an array of great international bands playing at the festival. After which many other successful editions followed in the coming years. In 2003  another festival, the Motorcycle Gang Jamboree, was born in collaboration with a well known local club called Giostrà, with a carefully selected lineup. During the same year two new members joined the project, Stefano Ricci, who became the art director of the X-Factor Y, and Federico Ongaro as graphic director. In 2006, another member joined the project, Massimo Portunato, who took care of the graphics and organization. The Motorcycle Gang Jamboree has since become a regular event for Rockabilly fans, moving to the Estragon Club in Bologna until 2008, the year in which Federico left the group, until finding the ideal location in 2009 inside Parco della Resistenza  in San Lazzaro di Savena (BO), in collaboration with the local administration.
The XFactor-Y achieved its full potential in 2011, when it organized a live show for the international Rockabilly icon Ray Campi. In the following years it organized live shows for many other artists from the 50's, such as Sleepy La Beef, dubbed " the human jukebox", Sid King and Johnny Powers. Between 2011 and 2013, the XFactor-Y collaborated with the Rockin’ Ribs and organized the "LET'S ROCK TONITE", a three day rock'n'roll festival in the seaside town of Fano, a live show of national and international bands. Unfortunately, on July 7th 2013 Leo passed away. He left us a few weeks before an important milestone; the tenth edition of the Motorcycle. He was hit by a stroke whilst riding back on his Road King from a wonderful evening at the LET'S ROCK TONITE in Fano. The group, orphan of its most charismatic member, decided to form a partnership to formalize and legitimate the great work done in this decade. As a consequence, in May 2014 the Cultural Association “XFactor-Y Bologna” was created and many other enthusiastic collaborators joined it.
The history of XFactor-Y, from its inception to the present, has been studded with big and small events, also in collaboration with other organizations, all aimed at popularizing 50's culture. "ROCK'N'ROLL WILL NEVER DIE" as our beloved Leo used to say.
So…… GO CAT GO !!!